Mobile Paint Repair

Paint damage can happen easily and can be an embarrassing or frustrating reminder of your misjudgment or someone else’s carelessness. Not only are you left with the cosmetic damage but it is possible for damaged panels to affect the structure of your car. Because of this, repairs are best done as soon as possible.

Dingo-Go not only offers you the total convenience of an affordable solution that comes to you, but also allows you to compare quotes from multiple service providers at no additional cost.

Our Service providers can travel anywhere and as long as we have a power point and off street parking (excluding basement car parks), they can get to work. That means we can do your bumper scratch or dent repairs at your home or workplace.

Let Ding-Go find the repairer that’s right for you.

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Paintless Dent Removal

Dents aren’t always the result of driving related accidents. Even the best drivers can fall victim to unpreventable dents and scratches. Minor collisions, runaway shopping trolleys, falling tree branches, hail damage and other storm related damage can all cause frustrating and ugly dents on your otherwise perfect condition car.

Most dents that leave paintwork unmarked can be fixed using an environmentally friendly paintless dent repair method which removes the dent without the need for repainting.

Ding-Go can help you find the right Paintless Dent Repairer.

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Hail Repair

Very few of us have escaped the fury of the countries hail storms. They cause extremely widespread damage and traditionally cause very expensive repairs with little warning.

A typical repair solution requires lodging an insurance claim and loosing your car for up to a week while the car is repaired. Paintless Dent Repairers are often contracted to conduct the repairs by a ‘repairer' who frequently add 40-50% to the total cost of the repair.

What if you could receive quotes directly from the service providers themselves and in most cases have the repair done at your house?

Well, you can! The Ding-Go platform enables users to have the cost of these repairs reduced by up to 50% by bypassing the traditional repair process and avoiding middleman markups.

For an assessment fee of $50 a Ding-Go assessor will visit you at home or work and generate a report that service providers will use to provide you with competitive quotes. You assess the service providers who is right for you and make the booking and payment directly.

Get your Dings gone, cheaper and easier then ever before.

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Car Detailing

Even the most well cared for vehicle can become dull over time especially if it spends a lot of time parked outdoors. Rain, dirt, traffic pollution, bird and bat droppings as well as tree sap all take their toll on the paintwork of your car, wheels and tyres can be easily marked from curbs.

There’s also the often neglected interior. Children, pets and passengers can all leave marks, spills, odors and hair inside of your car. Dashboards and interior shelving eventually fade.

Pre-sale detailing can often be the difference in selling your car and ‘giving it away’.

Ding-Go can put you in touch with dozens of detailers who can get the job done for you.

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What Our Clients are Saying

Here are what some of the clients have said about our service

My car is now good as new and the price was very reasonable.

I'm so happy with my dent repair. It was quick, easy and affordable. Looks like the accident never happened.